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Our place in history

We take great pride in all our work, conserving old buildings, monuments and statues so that they can be enjoyed and studied by future generations. Thanks in part to our commitment to traditional restoration, we have been commissioned by the National Trust, English Heritage, local councils, Ecclesiastical and Listed Building owners, and countless other organisations, to restore their precious jewels of history.


St Bartholomews Fountain, London

The loose leg of the statue

Numerous sections of the stonework had come loose from the statue, including large sections of the cherub’s legs and torso. Replacing these sections required the highest level of craftsmanship. Because of the sensitive environment and the location, we dismantled the fountain and took it to our masonry yard in Lancashire, 200 miles away.

Many people have commented on the quality craftsmanship that went into this repair, which can now be found standing back pride of place in the main courtyard at St. Bartholomew’s Hospital, London. Statue repairs 

The restored statue

Bramham Park, Wetherby

The dilapidated cascade

When we first viewed the ‘Rocky Cascade’, it was difficult to imagine that this collection of stones ever formed a striking water feature. Our client wanted to restore it in a manner in keeping with the original, with a new holding pool beneath it.

We sourced the replacement stone from a nearby quarry and carved and formed the cascade stones on site. The client was delighted with the result, and everybody agreed that the standard of craftsmanship created something truly special. Stonework repairs  

The restored and rebuilt cascade

Peel Building, Salford University

The Peel Building

As one of the most iconic and historically important buildings in the region, the Peel Building is home to some two thousand students and the BBC’s philharmonic orchestra.

Our task was to refurbish all the sash windows, flat roofs and pest control systems. We also carried out extensive terracotta repairs and cleaned the entire building’s façade. Terracotta repairs   Façade cleaning  

Peel Building

Haigh Windmill, Wigan

The dilapidated windmill

As the only remaining windmill left in Greater Manchester, this building is a symbol of the region’s key role in the Industrial Revolution.

Using specialist hydraulic lime mortar, we repointed this structure, replaced sections of damaged brickwork, and installed the new fibreglass roof and sails. All our work was done using the original methods of construction from when the windmill was built in 1845.Hydraulic lime mortar repointing  Brickwork replacement  

The restored windmill

Vale Royal Locks, Cheshire

The collapsed lock

Vale Royal Locks were first used as a trading point 250 years ago, carrying coal and salt between North Wales and Lancashire. By the time we became involved in the project, the bullnose masonry had collapsed into the canal below.

Before works could start, the canal had to be drained so that we could salvage the original stones. Despite this difficulty and many other challenges, we were able to deliver this project both on time and within budget.Stonework repairs  

The restored lock

Ashton Memorial, St Anne’s

The dilapidated memorial

This iconic memorial was built nearly one hundred years ago in honour of a Lancastrian businessman and philanthropist, Lord Ashton.

After receiving a grant from the Lottery Fund, the local residents asked us to restore this much loved memorial. This involved repairing and replacing failed sections of masonry and redecorating the bronze signage. Monument repairs  

The restored memorial

St Mary’s Church, Manchester

The red brick church

Also known as the ‘Hidden Gem’, St Mary’s is one of Manchester’s most loved churches. By the time we were called in, the 210-year-old building was starting to fall into disrepair.

We were tasked with restoring the front façade and church tower. We repaired the ancient stone doorway, which involved stripping layer upon layer of paintwork from the central archway. Throughout all this, the church had to remain open so that worshippers could still attend daily mass. Stonework repairs  

The stone doorway

Longwood Tower, Huddersfield

Workers on scaffolding

Historical engineering consultants Charles Beckett Ord approached us to improve the structural stabilisation of this structure. We installed specialist Cintec Anchors, which effectively tied the building together, limiting structural movement and preventing collapse.

Being on public grounds and lacking vehicle access, the location posed its own problems. With careful planning, however, we were able to fix the structural stability of the tower whilst maintaining the original character of the building. Structural Tying  

Longwood Tower

Harpurhey Public Baths

A building with scaffolding around it

Working alongside Quarmby Construction, we were brought onto this project to help transform these former swimming baths into a new state of the art teaching facility.

Our works included the sympathetic cleaning of the building’s terracotta façade as well as structural repairs, terracotta replacement and repointing using hydraulic lime mortar. Terracotta cleaning   Structural repairs   Terracotta replacement   Hydraulic lime mortar repointing  

A terracotta building

Fusiliers War Memorial, Bury

A flag being re-gilded

This monument originally stood in the former Wellington Barracks, and we were tasked with relocating the monument to the new museum of the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, in Bury Town Centre.

This meant deconstructing the monument, Portland stone by Portland stone, and removing the York stone paving around it. We cleaned and re-carved the monument, as well as re-decorating and re-gilding all the colours on the flags. Then extensive foundations were built before the monument could be erected at its new site, using cranes and sensitive lift and fix appliances.

The programme was tight as the Duke of Kent was attending the museum’s opening ceremony, yet we completed the work on time. Stone carving  

A war memorial

St George’s Hall, Liverpool

St George’s Hall cleaned

This iconic building needed stonework repairs, so we set about manufacturing and carving replacement stonework. We also carried out conservation cleaning and repointing.

Since it was in a busy city centre, we also had to develop and implement a tailor-made Health and Safety Plan so that no danger was posed to the public. Stonework repairs   Cleaning   Repointing  

Repairing steps

Wentworth Castle, Wakefield

The dilapidated stable block

This extensive project involved external repair works, major masonry works to the main house and full property redevelopment of the hamlet, farm and church into further accommodation, a visitor centre and a restaurant – all with existing local sandstone.

We also carried out façade cleaning, repointing, masonry carving and indenting, as well as pulling down and rebuilding any structures considered unstable.

Since Wentworth Castle is used as an active college, we had to pay attention to timescales and minimise disruption to the students. Stoneworks   Façade cleaning   Repointing   Masonry carving  

The restored and converted visitor centre

Royal Buildings, Manchester

The Royal Buildings in their original, soiled state

Our experience of historical buildings and knowledge of working in busy city centres won us the contract for Royal Buildings. Planning and programming was essential, as all the high-profile shops and businesses had to remain open throughout.

The scheme also involved full façade maintenance repair, cleaning, repointing and sundry works.

Façade cleaning   Stone carving  

The cleaned Royal Buildings

Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Wakefield

The buildings at Yorkshire Sculpture Park

The main reception building at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park is designed to impress. Attention to detail was critical in order to achieve the architect’s vision, so to be awarded this prestigious contract was a great honour.

We produced a detailed working design based on the architect’s original drawings, so that we would be able to execute the required ‘jigsaw’ finish. We then had to source, detail, manufacture and erect each separate bespoke piece to match the design. All the while we had to bear in mind that the work had to look great from the inside too. Stonework  

The buildings at Yorkshire Sculpture Park

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“They were recommended to me and they lived up to their billing. They demonstrated excellent experience of stone cleaning and repointing – particularly important when you are dealing with a building of the stature of St Mary’s.”

Christopher Langstone, Christopher Langstone Architecture

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