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Beautiful mosaics

If your historic building has a mosaic floor or mural, you’ll know how important a feature it is. A favourite for visitors, every mosaic is unique and, unfortunately, often tricky to manage. Erosion from being walked over can diminish the mosaic tiles or knock them loose, and over time the grout can become cracked and unstable. But the mosaic needn’t be lost; we’ll restore your mosaic floor to greatness.


 A mosaic in ruins

Mosaic floor repairs

We’ll replace loose tiles and repair failing grout, fixing the tiles back in their proper place. Even if the mosaic is very damaged and it’s hard to see where the tiles should go, we can use our expertise to restore it to its original state. Old photos showing the original mosaic are always a great help in these instances.

 Loose tiles on a mosaic floor

Sourcing mosaic tiles

If the mosaic is discoloured, or if tiles are missing, new replacement tiles must be sourced. We’ll find and craft mosaic tiles that exactly match the original tiles, using traditional methods of the time to arrange the mosaic. The result will be a startling return to colour and an authentic restoration.

 A beautiful mosaic floor

New mosaic floors

Sometimes a mosaic floor is so damaged that there’s no way of knowing how it was supposed to look. In cases such as these, we’ll work with you to design a new mosaic that matches the time period and style of the historic building. It won’t be the original design, but it will be the mosaic that might have been, restoring the spirit if not the specifics.

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“The job called for genuine craftsmen capable of working to a highly detailed specification. I had no hesitation in recommending Bullen Conservation.

I knew from experience that they had both the skills and the attitude needed to do a superb job, and they did.”

Peter Harrison, Stone Consultant

To restore mosaic floors and other impressive features, call us on 0161 633 6528

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