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Rewind the ravages of time

With pollutants in the air, animal fouling, graffiti and environmental damage, no historic building stays spotless for long. Cleaning your building’s façade must be done carefully, starting with experienced selection of the cleaning method. We’ll analyse the soiling and the building materials so that we pick a method which effectively targets the soiling and leaves the historic building unharmed.


 19th century housing

Traditional methods

Wherever possible, we make use of time-honoured traditional cleaning methods. For water-soluble soiling, we use poultice cleaning or traditional limestone nebulous water cleaning using nebulous sprays for cleaning the masonry. For non-water soluble soiling, wet or dry abrasive cleaning is often used, and we keep the solutions as gentle as possible to preserve the stonework.

 A church with a delicately carved entrance

Patented JOS and DOFF cleaning

We’re approved to use the patented JOS cleaning method, which is a type of abrasive cleaning. Chemical free, it uses water and a safe abrasive powder at low pressures to remove of all sorts of soiling. It’s often used in combination with DOFF cleaning, which introduces heat as a factor and improves removal of oil, grease, bitumen and of course paint!

 Terracotta carvings of griffons, one still in need of cleaning and one laser cleaned

Technological advances

The newest addition to our façade cleaning catalogue is laser cleaning. Thanks to technical advances, this highly efficient cleaning method is rapidly becoming a favourite for plaques, shields and highly decorative features where care is of paramount importance. Ideal situations have allowed us to utilise this system at our base under strict control to achieve fantastic results which speak for themselves.

2014-08-18 05:21:10

“They were recommended to me and they lived up to their billing. They demonstrated excellent experience of stone cleaning and repointing – particularly important when you are dealing with a building of the stature of St Mary’s.”

Christopher Langstone, Christopher Langstone Architecture

For these carefully-chosen cleaning methods and more, call us on 0161 633 6528

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