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Decorative stonemasonry

Among our team of conservation experts, we have a number of specialists in stone carving. With their keen eye for detail, steady hands and a range of traditional and modern tools, no design is too difficult for them. The statues, monuments and memorials they restore bring delight and commendations flooding in, and the historic art is preserved for the next generation.


 A headstone

Clarifying old carvings

Over time, as stone surfaces are worn by the wind and rain, old inscriptions and carved decorations become dulled. Before they are lost forever, our monumental masons work from the surviving carvings and any plans or documents, bringing the carving back into sharp relief. This can be done on site or back at our masonry yard.

 A Tudor rose pattern being carved in stone

Adding new carvings

Sometimes the original stone can’t be saved. In such cases, our stonemasons will transfer the carving to a replacement stone for a true restoration of your historic building. We can also install brand new carvings where required, perhaps to add the date on which construction originally began, or a memorial to a famous inhabitant.

 A craftsman holding a cherub's head

Fixing statues

If you have in your care a broken statue, dilapidated fountain or crumbled memorial, we’ll restore it to greatness. We’ll source matching stone for a satisfying finish and our expert stonemasons will carve it to perfectly fit the original design. These repairs can be extensive, covering a whole memorial, or just replace a single element, such as a statue’s missing arm.

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“The job called for genuine craftsmen capable of working to a highly detailed specification. I had no hesitation in recommending Bullen Conservation.

I knew from experience that they had both the skills and the attitude needed to do a superb job, and they did.”

Peter Harrison, Stone Consultant

For creative and highly skilled stone carvings and statue repairs, call 0161 633 6528

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