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Set in stone

The stonework and brickwork of old buildings is often unstable. Degraded mortar, environmental damage and the poorer technology of the original build will often cause the walls to list, whole sections pulling away from each other. We’re experts in resolving these problems and restoring structural integrity to your building, so call us without delay. With sympathetic technology, we’ll restore your building’s integrity.


 Cracked plaster showing cracked brick wall

Reinforcement and strengthening

We make use of many different methods of structural stabilisation and restraints, giving us the flexibility to use the right method for your historic building. Façade restraint systems, wall retentions and structural tying systems all help to prevent structural movement. We can also use façade crack stitching to stabilise a wall with an otherwise dangerous crack running through it.

 A stone wall

Cintec approved

We’re approved installers of Cintec anchors, which provide firm and dependable stability. The system uses non-corrosive metal and a trademarked grout mixture that’s resistant to freeze-thaw damage. Together they provide very durable stabilisation for historic buildings, locking separate pieces in place and dramatically reducing the risk of further damage or collapse.

 Cracked concrete and rubble

Concrete repairs

It may be tough and long-lasting, but with the effects of corroding steelwork, acid rain and ageing, even concrete doesn’t last forever. Before we get started on your concrete repairs, we can do hammer test surveys and laboratory analysis of samples of your concrete. Then we’ll remove the defective areas, treat the exposed surfaces, and use composite repair systems to reinstate defective areas.

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"The job called for genuine craftsmen capable of working to a highly detailed specification. I had no hesitation in recommending Bullen Conservation.

I knew from experience that they had both the skills and the attitude needed to do a superb job, and they did."

Peter Harrison, Stone Consultant

To strengthen and support your historic building, call 0161 633 6528

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