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Invading water

If your historic building has underground rooms, it could be at risk from damp. Even if it was waterproofed when it was first built, porous stone will eventually absorb water, allowing it into the structure where it can cause further damage. As water tables rise and fall and rivers change their course, we'll protect your historic building from the dangers of damp with modern waterproofing techniques.


 A waterproof tarpaulin

Waterproofing membrane

One method of waterproofing is to add a damp-proof membrane to the outside of the underground wall. This stops further water from seeping into the walls, although any water already in the walls will need to be managed. This is only an option if we can dig down the outside of the walls, so we’ll first assess your property to see if this method is possible.

 A workman levelling wet concrete


We can also protect your underground space with tanking, which is completed inside the room. The walls and floor would both be lined with a waterproof covering, and drainage may need to be fitted. Once the tanking is complete, we’ll cover the waterproof layer with material that matches the original construction, preserving the look of the traditional walling.

 An underground wine cellar

Adjusting for use

Unfortunately, tanking reduces the space in rooms as it adds extra thickness to the walls and floor. Since most old underground rooms have low ceilings, any reduction in head clearance can present a real problem. We’ll measure the room beforehand and, if necessary, reduce the height of the original floor, so that the tanking doesn’t adversely affect head clearance.

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"They are a very well managed and well structured company. I particularly like the way they fitted in so well alongside myself and the others working on the project. There’s no ‘us’ and ‘them’ with Bullen Conservation."

Malcolm Ellis, FRICS, Director at Aedas Building Surveys Ltd

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